Reviews of Brigette Langmade

"Brigette knows how to get it done. Whether it’s breaking news or an enterprise story I can always count on Brigette to make it happen and to make it count. Brigette can take the most complicated subject and break it down into understandable digestible language. She’s able to zero in on the facts that matter most."
-- Heidi Wiedenbauer, Bureau Chief, Cox Broadcasting Washington Bureau

"On top of her game, from covering major events in the nation's capital to delivering hard local content for the stations that rely on her expertise."
-- Julie Szulczewski, Executive Producer, WFTV-TV

"Brigette Langmade provided our stations with some of the strongest reporting I’ve seen out of our D.C. Bureau during my 12-year tenure with the Cox Company. She is a consummate professional, solid journalist, and true team player."
-- Helen Swenson, News Director, KIRO-TV

"All of us at WHIO-TV's Newscenter 7 depended upon Ms. Langmade to give us good solid journalism for 9 years...and she delivered! A truly talented writer and reporter, she enriched our newscasts with stories that related to our community and our viewers. She will be missed!"
-- Julie Weindel, News Director, WHIO-TV

"Brigette is one of the most enterprising and responsive reporters I've worked with. She is bright, energetic, enthusiastic and fun to work with. Most important, at the end of the day, she has always delivered a high quality report."
-- Bill Bauman, News Director, KCRA-TV

"I often use you as an example of what a television reporter should be. An engaging story-teller with a conversational writing style. A true professional who clearly understands that the reporter is never the story."
-- Marty Radovanic, Managing Editor, WJAC-TV

"You, Ms. Langmade, are a STAR! You easily beat the competition. Excellent work!"
-- Pat Maday, News Director, WPXI-TV

"Brigette was live in a matter of minutes. All of the folks in the newsroom made positive comments about Brigette's performance - her information and her sense of urgency. Great job."
-- Julie Szulczewski, Executive Producer, WFTV-TV

"Brigette was awesome with the breaking news and we certainly beat the competition!"
-- Meaghan O'Connor, Executive Producer, WPXI-TV

"It is clear you are one of our real strengths. We are fortunate to have you as an associate in our company."
-- Bruce Baker, Executive Vice President Television Affiliates, Cox Television

"Thank you so much for your excellent news coverage of the Safe America Congressional Briefing. You succinctly communicated an important message. I was most impressed with the thoroughness of your report and have continued to hear many good reviews."
-- Len Pagano, President and CEO, The Safe America Foundation

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